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by Bill Metts

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Get Off the Wheel Refrain Gonna get off the wheel. Don’t want to let myself feel These tired old emotions again. Verse Running around in circles in my head again. All it took was a phone call from you. Then I find my serenity slipping away from me. It’s time to try something different. Find something new. Head out my door, find something better to do. Find me a lover or maybe just a friend to help me get off the wheel so I won’t have to feel these tired old emotions again. Bridge Someday I’ll look back at this and smile even now the weight is much less than before. And maybe, just maybe I’ll open my eyes and realize That it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. Verse When that day arrives I’ll fling open doors and windows and let fresh air and light come streaming in. And go outside running wild Like when I was a child. This is not a new beginning. Just a fresh start. I look down inside, still see those scars on my heart. But I won’t feel the pain and I won’t lose my way. And I won’t Get on the wheel. I won’t let myself feel these tired old emotions again.
Age With Grace © Words and Music by William Metts 2014 My boy and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking one night You know…just having a little chat. The subject changed to getting old. That’s a topic I am familiar with so I told him that it was a drag watching my hair fall out and watching my body get soft and round. I said sometimes I get so tired I feel like I’m adrift at sea just waiting for my ship to run aground. He got up from the table shaking his head, took a step or two, turned around and said “I’m so sorry Dad” I said “Hold on now. Please come back. Sit down. Ain’t no need for you to feel bad.” When he did come back he had a guitar in hand and said “Dad I appreciate this bonding thing.” So if you don’t mind I hope you’ll be so kind as to listen to this song I wrote for you, and he began to sing… When you get up and walk into another room may you always remember why. And wherever you go in the whole wide world may there be a rest room near by. May your Depends never bunch and all your farts be dry. But have another pair around just in case just in case. You know that’s just a joke, ain’t no need to have a stroke. May you age with grace. May you always be able to find your glasses Remember too first look on your head. When the family’s sitting around the kitchen table talking, I hope that you can hear everything that’s said. When you talk may your dentures stay in place. May the mirrors be kind and hide the wrinkles covering your face May all photos be taken before the wrinkles cover your face. All kidding aside, that you’re my dad brings me pride and may you age with grace. I can tell by what you do that when I am as old as you there will still be some fun to be had. I hope when I’m your age turning the last page that my kids don’t tease like I’m teasing you Dad May you be able to keep Mama in a happy place but have Viagra by the bedside just in case. You know I’m just playing and it goes without saying, May you age with grace. Dad I’m just toying. Don’t know about you but I’m enjoying watching you Age…..with grace
A Conversation with Death-by William Metts © 2016 It was a hot summer day on a long dusty road, I was on the way to see my daddy. He’s lived all alone on Purgatory Road since the day that my momma passed away. Something seems amiss. Can’t tell what it is but the chill in the hot summer air don’t seem right So I turn around to see what the trouble might be and I find myself staring Death right in the eye. Her eyes burned like fire, voice was like a cool mountain stream. The air smelled of sweet fertile ground. I fell down on my knees…gave out a primal scream ‘cause I know that’s where my body’s bound There was no place to hide. Why me! Why Now I cried I want to say “I love you” to my children one time more. Let me do one more good deed or just plant a seed 'fore you leave me all alone at that door She said I know that you think that I am evil. And you don’t understand the things I do But of this have no doubt it’s not me you need worry about. it’s Time and it's Fate coming to get you. Then she said, "Don’t you worry son your time here is not yet done Can’t say more than that but this I will confide" Then that woman death leaned in close I could feel her breath She said, "Fear is your enemy. Let Love be your guide. Let Love be your guide" Then she touched me. It was not cold like I thought it would be. but filled me with a peace of mind that I couldn't believe. Closed my eyes took in the feeling. My whole world took to reeling. When I opened my eyes it was a cool summers eve. My mind was all hazy. Thought I was going crazy. Ran to my daddy’s house filled with an unexplainable joy There he was, standing at the door, He said "Boy what you so late for?" I cried on Daddy’s shoulder like a little boy. (Short Instrumental Break) Don’t know how or why. Lord knows I don’t know when I will find myself naked and alone at that door. But this I can say since my talk with Death that day I’m not afraid any more. I’m not afraid any more. I’m not afraid any more. With love as my guide, Good Lord at my side, I am not afraid anymore.
The Ballad of the Paper Umbrella © 2014 Words and Music by William Metts When I was just a boy I remember that my daddy had a very unusual habit He’d always put a paper umbrella in his beer I had to find out why dag-nabbit You see the boys at school found out that my daddy would do such an unusual thing and I’d get teased from the time I got to school till the time the final bell ring. So I gathered up my courage, went down to my daddy sitting in his easy chair asked why on earth would a man of his stature put a paper umbrella in his beer! Here’s what my daddy told me…He said' When I was in Nam there was a fella in our company who liked women less than he liked men. You know, that’s tolerated more today than it ever was back then. His name was Louis, we called him Louise. We made him sit alone when we were eating. And I’m ashamed to tell you my son we gave him more than one undeserved beating When we got the chance to get out to the bars to have beers and shots with the other fellas he would order those sweet girly drinks, you know the kind with a little umbrellas. One day we found ourselves in a firestorm bullets flying all around. We all frozen in fear when the grenade bounced on the ground. That’s except for Lewis, You see, he jumped on it to shield the rest of us from the blast, and because of him I’m here looking at you and Lewis, he’s in the past. Then my daddy stood up looked down at me and said son I hope that we are finished here. I nodded, took the umbrella out of his drink and put it behind my left ear, and I went to school. I said go ahead knock it off, I dare you. I double dog dare you.
I'm Lost 03:00
I'm Lost Lyrics and music composition by William Metts I'm lost. I'm Lost. The train was gonna crash so I jumped off. Didn't seem to matter how much I whined, cried, railed and scoffed. This damned ol' planet just kept on spinning like the Dervish whirl. So I got lost. Sooo Lost. Lost in this crazy ol' world. I can tell you where the sun comes up and point to where it goes down Still sometimes I get so lost walking round this little ol' town. When I get stopped by some poor soul asking which way to go The best I can do is give a blank stare and say "Hell if I know." CHORUS I know the way to Betty Lou's house, I know the number on her telephone Her favorite perfume, the color of her eyes and why I'm sitting here all alone. When it comes to knowing what a woman needs, I just ain't so smart. I get afraid of the dark and run home scared when I try to find the way to her heart CHORUS I put my bed with the head against the wall so when I go to sleep at night wake up in the morning, depending how I feel, I can roll left or I can roll right. Either way I may lose but whatever I choose at least it's mine and I'm free. Please don’t ask for advice on the path I'll say..."Don't ask me." CHORUS
Stay Away from the Blues by William Metts 7/28/2013 Start with yellow. Add a little blue. Now you’re green with envy, that's not good for you. Take some red. Add a little blue. Now you’re purple with rage might could even hurt you. Rainbows are wonderful things Foretell of brighter days to be. But who knows what the future may bring. I hope you’re listening to me. Take some black. Add a little blue. That’s what you feel like when it gets hold of you. Let this be a cautionary tale. Be careful what you do. Use all the colors of the rainbow darling, but stay away from the blues.
The River 03:41
Taxman Blues I got a call from my uncle just the other day. My Uncle Sam you know him. Here’s what he had to say. You got nowhere to run son. You got nowhere to hide. And I won’t stop hounding your ass until I be satisfied Just fill out those checks. Sign on the line Everything you think you own is really mine. He said you in trouble son. Yeah you in deep. There ain’t nothing that you can beg buy or borrow That I’m gonna let you keep. So sell your house and your car. Then he said with a smile. Billy I don’t care if you gotta sell your first born child. Just fill out those checks. Sign on the line Do what I tell you and everything will be fine. I gave out a wail, a cry and a moan All that he gave to me was an evil laugh Then he hung up the phone. So all I do is work you know. I toil night and day Then I shuffle on down to that mean boss man And beg for my pay. He says that check is all made out you just sign right here. And I’ll send it on down to your Uncle Sam to pay tax For last year Or was it the year before? Maybe it was the year before that!
Molly Baker 01:45
Molly Baker Molly Baker was a chorus line girl. When she was dancing she would twitch and she’d twirl. I want to tell you she was the best by far And all the fellers at the bar would say Oh My My! OOO La La! Big Jim Walker was a trucker big and bold. No one more handsome in this world I’ve been told. He had the ladies all stand in line. But he wouldn’t waste his time. He had Molly on his mind. Bridge He said come on Molly OOO you look fine. I’ll do anything to make you mine. Come on sugar babe don’t you say no. You know I’m gonna love you for a long long time. Now molly Baker runs a trucking company. And Big Jim Walker gets his dancing lessons free. They got three kids two dogs a cat they dance and laugh. They’ve each found their better half. And they live happily ever af…ter.
Off the Beaten Path © Where I'm hiding you won't find me ‘cause I'm staying off the beaten path. I'm not lonely just alone. Won't answer the door or the phone. This peace of mind…I'm gonna make it last. Don't wanna hear from nobody, watch TV or read the news. Everything I hear or just gives me the blues. Where I'm hiding you won't find me ‘cause I'm staying off the beaten path. Ain’t got no lover…no dog to walk. Nobody to invade my privacy I ain't asking for your time. Do me a favor, don’t ask for mine. gonna spend some precious moments just on me. It ain’t that bad playing solitaire got no worries. got no cares. Ain't got no plans. Ain’t going nowhere. Where I'm hiding you can't find me ‘cause I'm staying off the beaten path.
The Ballad of Maggie Brown© by Bill Metts Here’s a song about a girl I know name a Maggie Brown. Spent all her days since she’s born in a backwoods country town. Misfortune came one day you know she fell for a city man. Packed her bags got on that train left ol’ Lu’sianne. Willy Jones weren’t that bad, he just weren’t too smart. Never understood the mysteries of a woman’s heart. Should'a turned that girl around put her right back on that train. What that fool done instead caused a lot of pain. CHORUS Poor Maggie wouldn’t want to be in her shoes Empty pockets and a long way from home. He helped her find a place to stay, work to make some dough. She slipped into his back pocket wouldn’t let him go. Tried to make him jealous hanging with some other guy. Didn’t work out the way she thought. Ol’ Willie didn’t bat an eye. Played that game a bit too long got knocked up one day. Went looking for that baby’s dad he’s long gone away. Oh Lordy… CHORUS Wonder how she’s gonna deal with all the stress and strife. She's all alone, with an Empty heart, and a belly full of life. Some say it was a Dr.’s knife some say a sorrow thief. Most folks say that Maggie’s heart just could not find relief. Sometimes life just hits you hard makes no sense to blame. In the end she lost that child ain’t never been the same. CHORUS That Girl finally got some sense caught that train back home Planted roots in her hometown never more to roam Got a lot kids now. Got a good ol’ country man Got herself a real nice life back in Lu’sianne Last CHORUS Go on Maggie! Everything’s turned out alright. Got lost along that winding road but found your way back home.
The Heart of Why (A Song for You): © by Bill Metts Verse: Music is more like wind than stone. A tempest, a gentle breeze It moves you then it’s gone. Songs are like children raised up, and sent out on their own. Parents pray they’ll be wise and kind and find a loving home. CHORUS: You make these fingers dance and my soul struggle to free, and pray that my ego won’t run away with me. When I sit up here and play for you you join me in a song, loneliness vanishes and I feel like I belong Verse: I wrote a few lines yesterday. I wrote a whole page today. Seems like the more I write the more I find to say. Sometimes I wonder if anyone cares what I have to say. So, to see you sitting there just blows me away. CHORUS: You make these fingers dance and my soul struggle to free, and pray that my ego won’t run away with me. When I sit up here, play guitar, catch an eye or a gentile smile these are the moments that make it all worth while. Verse: So many hours working with these old tired hands. I'm hell bent on making them obey my commands. So much paper scratched with pencil heart and soul. Still no song is finished until your ears make it whole. CHORUS You make these fingers dance and my soul struggle to free. And pray that my ego won’t run away with me. When I sit up here and bare my soul… watch defenses fall. I seem to catch a glimpse of the heart of why I am here at all.


released November 1, 2019

All songs were written composed and performed William Metts with these exceptions...
"The River" which was written by Tommy Powell and is used here by permission.
Moriah Metts added vocals on A Conversation With Death.
Caleb Hawkins played mandolin on "Animal Lover"
Kenneth A. Crosby and Bruce Gallant collaborated with me lyrically on "Off the Beaten Path"
The Album cover photo was shot by Jane Feldman


all rights reserved



Bill Metts Cape Coral, Florida

I have been playing guitar and singing for nearly fifty years now. I Started with American Folk and Blues tunes and finger- style guitar. Had a run in with a Classic Rock band for 6 years or so and I sure was glad when that ended. I spent 15 years playing in nursing homes doing standards from the 30’s and 40’s. Now I mostly write. You will see a bit of all the above in my songs. I hope you like. ... more

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