I'm Lost Lyrics and music composition by William Metts

I'm lost. I'm Lost. The train was gonna crash so I jumped off.
Didn't seem to matter how much I whined,
cried, railed and scoffed.
This damned ol' planet just kept on spinning
like the Dervish whirl.
So I got lost. Sooo Lost. Lost in this crazy ol' world.
I can tell you where the sun comes up
and point to where it goes down
Still sometimes I get so lost
walking round this little ol' town.
When I get stopped by some poor soul
asking which way to go
The best I can do is give a blank stare and say
"Hell if I know."
I know the way to Betty Lou's house,
I know the number on her telephone
Her favorite perfume, the color of her eyes
and why I'm sitting here all alone.
When it comes to knowing
what a woman needs,
I just ain't so smart.
I get afraid of the dark and run home scared
when I try to find the way to her heart
I put my bed with the head against the wall
so when I go to sleep at night
wake up in the morning, depending how I feel,
I can roll left or I can roll right.
Either way I may lose but whatever I choose
at least it's mine and I'm free.
Please don’t ask for advice on the path
I'll say..."Don't ask me."


from The Best of Bill Metts, released November 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Bill Metts Cape Coral, Florida

I have been playing guitar and singing for nearly fifty years now. I Started with American Folk and Blues tunes and finger- style guitar. Had a run in with a Classic Rock band for 6 years or so and I sure was glad when that ended. I spent 15 years playing in nursing homes doing standards from the 30’s and 40’s. Now I mostly write. You will see a bit of all the above in my songs. I hope you like. ... more

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